Friday, January 11, 2019

Frank Newport, the Dean of National Pollsters, Steps Back from Gallup After 28 Years at the Helm

Frank Newport, who has guided the Gallup poll since 1990, has transitioned to senior scientist, which means he will be active with analyses and survey methods, but will pull back from the management and lead published analyses.
Frank Newport

The Gallup poll was founded by George Gallup and made famous starting in 1936 previewing presidential elections (Roosevelt vs. Landon) with two colleagues, Elmo Roper and Archibald Crossley. All three founders had talent in scientific methods, politics and media. They were especially good at putting polls in the news. Newport shared their talents with one other – a profound respect for the ability of public opinion research and polling to further democratic values.

Gallup was especially conscious of the usefulness of polls to moderate the influence of special interests and to guide political leaders in between periodic elections. Newport, in his publications and broadcast materials for 28 years, was a source of some of the most insightful analyses available

In a report published in June this year titled, “Americans Oppose Border Walls, Favor Dealing With DACA,” Newport highlighted that:
  • 41% favor expanding construction of walls along U.S.-Mexico border
  • 83% approve of allowing DACA immigrants to become citizens
  • Republicans, Democrats agree on DACA, disagree on walls
He consistently made a balanced and intelligent contribution to our consideration of important public policy.

I have used Gallup polls and his viewpoints in my own analyses. We have been on panels together and his work has been important material in my graduate class on public opinion research at the University of Denver.

Thank you, Frank. Have a great next career.

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