Monday, August 26, 2019

Sanders, Hickenlooper and Socialism

John Hickenlooper’s first question asked about the socialism criticism he’s become known for. Both he and Michael Bennet argued for pragmatism dealing with major policy proposals, such as health care; for example, public options versus single-payer, most strongly promoted by Bernie Sanders.

They and their colleagues are right to prioritize health care as an issue. There is a strong Democratic consensus on the top issues.

Republicans have more certainty in their ranks on the terms “capitalism” and “socialism.” But, Democrats are divided.

Republicans are about 6-to-1 hostile to the term “socialism,” whereas Democrats are 2-to-1 positive.

Mitch McConnell

Chuck Todd hit a hot button in the first debate by his Mitch McConnell question. Although no Democratic candidate offered much of an answer on how as president they would handle his obstructionism, Democrats in important senate swing states suggested attacking him and his image will move voters to vote Democratic in senate races. In a poll, they were motivated more by attacks on “Mitch McConnell” than on “Donald Trump” or the “Republican Party in Congress” (Global Group).

Presidential hopefuls take to the stage in the Democratic
primary debate, June 27, 2019 | Mike Segar/Reuters

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