Thursday, April 12, 2018

Hickenlooper and Ciruli Talk Water

At the January Colorado Water Congress (CWC) statewide conference, Governor John Hickenlooper and Floyd Ciruli talked water politics in 2018. The conversation called for bipartisan leadership to secure Colorado’s water future – in what will be a political transition from Hickenlooper’s eight year of leadership.

Hickenlooper and Ciruli Call for
Bipartisan Leadership on Water Solutions

Photo: CWC
Colorado’s water leaders are contacting candidates for governor, legislature and county commission to provide information on the status of the state’s water challenges. Local utilities and other regional and agricultural water providers are providing information and offering conversation on Colorado’s need for more supplies, storage and conservation.

As Ciruli and Hickenlooper discussed, considerable progress has been made the last decade in water planning and projects. We don’t want to lose the momentum or let political polarization gridlock process.

Read CWC March update here

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