Wednesday, March 17, 2021

First Presidential Primary Poll Has Pence and DeSantis Tied (After Trump)

Not surprising, in a credible Republican national poll of March 2, 2021, Donald Trump has only a narrow majority (51%) among Republican voters, but still dominates the field, with Mike Pence (9%) and Ron DeSantis (7%) in second and third. Among the remaining non-Trump voters, Nikki Haley (6%), Mitt Romney (5%) and Ted Cruz (3%) trail. 

Trump voters when asked their second-place choice, Pence (22%) and DeSantis (22%) tied for the lead. Cruz comes in a close third at 19 percent. Well back in single digits are Mike Pompeo (5%), Haley (5%) and Kristi Noem (4%). 

When all Republicans were asked who they support without Trump as a candidate, Pence (19%), DeSantis (17%) and Cruz (13%) still lead the field. Let the race begin.

Read Politico: DeSantis and Pence Tied in New Poll of Trump Voters

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