Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Colorado Politics: Pro-Weed, Anti-TABOR, Colorado’s Major Trends Now are Political Power

Photo: Colorado Politics
In a February 11 column in Colorado Politics, Colorado’s major trends, including pro marijuana commercialization and hostility to hydrocarbons and the TABOR amendment, now have allies in power that will empower them. Expect major changes.

The political earthquake that rearranged the political plates in November is just beginning to have impact on Colorado’s policy and politics. The shake up brought new leaders, new constituencies and new social movements to power. Political changes are accelerating in Colorado, and the policy shifts now visible reflect powerful, longer-term trends that portend disruption of the status quo. Many of the trends are perennial ones; some have been visible for decades, but not ascendant; others are recent. The 2018 election brought them into the forefront. 

In a speech to the annual state convention of the Colorado Water Congress (CWC), I outlined what I consider the top trends driving Colorado politics in 2019.

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