Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Will Colorado Be a Super Tuesday Event in 2020? Democratic Race for the White House Underway.

Although Colorado has not established its presidential caucus date, if it follows the 2016 pattern, it will be March 3 Super Tuesday when a dozen or more states will hold caucuses and primaries.

The start-up of the 2020 nomination will begin as it has for decades with the caucus in Iowa and the primary in New Hampshire. Four years ago, Hillary Clinton won Iowa by less than a percentage point and lost the New Hampshire primary by 22 points. Her Iowa micro lead was still better than her last Iowa effort when she came in third behind Barack Obama and John Edwards in 2008.

Clinton recovered with wins in Nevada and South Carolina, and won eight states on the March 1 Super Tuesday event, with 12 states participating. Bernie Sanders won Colorado with 59 percent of the caucus participants.

Already nine states have indicated they will hold their delegate events on March 3 next year, including super delegate states California and Texas.

The Democratic National Convention will be in mid-July in Houston, Miami or Milwaukee (all three likely battleground states).

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