Friday, May 10, 2019

Bennet Leans Toward Run for President

Apparently, Senator Michael Bennet is leaning toward announcing a run for president. He would join John Hickenlooper, who’s been in the field for months, but still doesn’t have many on-the-ground indicators he’s making progress; i.e., big crowds, media coverage, polling position or money flowing in.
Sen. Michael Bennet | Photo: CNN

Bennet has been testing the waters in early states and appears to like his reception. He’s a centrist like Hickenlooper, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke and former Vice President Joe Biden (if he gets into the race). He believes that if he can get to the debate platform in June, his message, senate reputation and presentation skills will make him stand out and emerge as a top finalist.

There are a number of centrists he must beat. Will Biden stumble (he has a history of it)? Will Hickenlooper fade (Bennet likely thinks so)? Can he simply outmaneuver Klobuchar and others and become the go-to establishment candidate? We shall see.

Politico: Colorado Sen. Bennet says he’s ‘very inclined’ to run for president
CNN: With viral speech as his introduction, Sen. Michael Bennet tests the waters in Iowa

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