Monday, May 13, 2019

Chicago Voted for Change. Is Denver Next?

In a campaign framed as change vs. experience, Rahm Emanuel wisely did not run for re-election. Lori Lightfoot won a sweeping victory in all parts of Chicago with 74 percent of the vote. She was the anti-machine, anti-Emanuel candidate. With a slogan, “bring in the Light,” she campaigned for change and against corruption. She represents the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Her opponent, party stalwart Toni Preckwinkle, head of Cook County Board and the Cook County Democratic Party, was crushed by the desire for change. Progressives, many claiming a socialist label, also won several citywide and alderman seats (city council) against incumbents.

Is change in the air in the Denver’s May 7 municipal election?

Lori Lightfoot giving her victory speech | Getty Images

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