Monday, February 8, 2021

Pelosi Finally Beats Trump in Favorability; McConnell Off the Chart

For Donald Trump’s entire term, Nancy Pelosi trailed him in favorability by about 5 points, typically 42 or 43 percent for Trump and 39 to 38 percent for Pelosi. She’s now ahead of him by one point. Joe Biden paces the field to 51 percent and Mitch McConnell has a 63 percent unfavorable rating, producing a 41 percent negative difference.

McConnell’s political partner, Donald Trump, has become even less popular as an ex-president. And the relationship has damaged McConnell. First, he rationalized the behaviors and claims of election fraud by Trump and his friends, like Rudy Giuliani. Then on December 15, he attempted to pull the Senate toward acceptance of the results, which mostly failed. Trump then contributed to the Georgia disaster and loss of the Senate for Republicans and McConnell. But even post-riot members of his caucus continue to support the former president’s message, “stop the steal,” because the ex-president remains popular with many Republicans. All highly controversial positions possibly popular in a few states, but very vulnerable nationally and in swing states, some of which will have open Senate seats in 2022, such as Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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